Providing Exceptional Private Flute Instruction

Honors vs. Traditional Program

Music is important to students of all levels. I offer two distict programs to cater to students will different goal sets. My “Traditional” program offers a non-competitive lesson approach and works to foster a life-long love of music. The “Honors” program is a rigourous, competitive program where students work to their full potential and participate in numerous competitions and performances throughtout the year. 

Traditional ProgramHonors Program
Practicing3-5 hours per week.

Approximately 30-45 minutes of practice each day depending on level.
3 ½ -14+ hours per week depending on level and goals.

Elementary: 3 ½ – 4 hrs per week
Intermediate I: 4-5 hrs per week
Intermediate II: 5-7 hrs per week
Advanced I/II: 7+ hrs per week

Students who are planning on being Music Majors: 14+ hours per week
Participation in Additional Music Enrichment Activities
(Selected at the first lesson of the year.)
1 required activity each year. Attendance at any musical event.At least 4 required activities each year. Including national, state or local competitions, youth symphonies, honor bands, ABRSM exams, etc.
RecitalParticipation in the Spring Recital.Participation in both the Spring Recital and the Winter Honors Recital.
TheoryStudents study theory as part of their lessons, up to ABRSM Grade 5.
Must study theory up to ABRSM Grade 5 and pass at least one ABRSM Theory Exam each year.
JuryMust attend the August Jury to set goals and to have an initial evaluation before the start of each academic year.
Must pass the August Jury each year to be admitted into the Honors Program. The Jury will also be the time to set goals and to have an initial evaluation before the start of each academic year.
Teaching StyleMore relaxed teaching environment which focuses on creating a life-long love of music.
A vigorous learning environment designed to help each student develop the skills needed to perform to his or her full potential.