Providing Exceptional Private Flute Instruction

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Vitarelli, one of the most sought after flute instructors in Silicon Valley, is committed to fostering sensitive and confident artists. Her energizing and challenging lessons are designed to help students reach their goals. Ms. Vitarelli teaches both students who are seeking enrichment and advancement in music, as well as those who might be struggling. Her ultimate goal is for all students to perform above their school grade level, and to always have opportunities for them to reach their full potential. In fact, most of her students progress three times faster than they would if they were only receiving instruction through their school music program. In general, music students have trouble perfecting difficult repertoire because they have not mastered basic techniques. Ms. Vitarelli focuses on developing proficiency at every level, so her students build the solid foundation they need to advance more successfully and confidently.

Ms. Vitarelli developed her technique in both the French and American flute traditions; this fusion allows her a broad array of techniques to offer her students. Her teaching philosophy places strong emphasis on recitals, competitions and exams as well as her syllabus of scales, études, repertoire, chamber music and theory. She is also a very goal orientated teacher and believes strongly that the most progress occurs when students have well thought out goals to work towards throughout the entire year. Ms. Vitarelli believes that students gain a lot more then just learning music in their lessons; they learn such things as time management, confidence, how to carry oneself and stage presence. Ms. Vitarelli offers two programs of study: the Traditional Program and the Honors Program. Lastly, Ms. Vitarelli works with students on their college admissions by helping them to create a full music resume, writing letters of recommendation for them, helping them create their supplementary arts application and full preparation for those pursuing the Music Major degree in college.

Ms. Vitarelli’s teaching philosophy includes:

  • Mastering the basics of technique, lyricism and musicality
  • Improving concentration and time management
  • Increasing self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Obtaining proficiency in the material at every level
  • Discovering and attaining each students full potential
  • Creating a sense of accomplishment

Ms. Vitarelli teaches students from age 5 to 95. In addition to private lessons, Ms. Vitarelli also teaches chamber music, theory and sightreading.