Providing Exceptional Private Flute Instruction

Recital & Jury Information

Winter Honors Recital
Each January, the students in Ms. Vitarelli’s Honor Program share their talents with the residents of the Belmont Village Retirement Community. They perform various solo repertoire in preparation for the spring competition season.

Spring Recital
In June, we celebrate our love of music with a Recital for parents and friends. All students in the studio perform a solo and some also perform in a chamber ensemble. The recital is always during the first weekend in June and is held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto.

August Jury Information
All students must perform in a jury evaluation every August for placement in the flute studio for the upcoming academic year. Honor students who fail this audition will not be accepted back into the studio. The jury takes place during the first week of lessons for academic year (approximately the 3rd week in August). We will be preparing for the Jury during summer lessons. The audition will be at the beginning of your first lesson of the new school year. Please see the audition requirements below:

All students: A written key signature test that corresponds to the required audition scales (see below).

Elementary: Selected Major Scales (2 octaves, memorized), a solo of your choice (can not be your recital solo) and sight reading. (We will pick the selected major scales at your first summer lesson.)

Intermediate I: All Major Scales (2 octaves memorized), Minor Scales (any form you choose): A, E, B, F#, C, G, D (2 octaves, memorized), Chromatic Scale from low C to high C (memorized), a solo of your choice and sight reading.

Intermediate II: All Major and Harmonic Minor Scales (2 octaves, memorized), Chromatic Scale (3 octaves from low B to high D), a solo of your choice and sight reading.

Advanced I: All Major, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales (2 octaves and 3 octaves for B, C, C# and D, all memorized), Chromatic Scales (3 octaves from low B to high D) and a solo of your choice with both slow and fast sections/movements and sight reading.

Advanced II: Please prepare the same requirements as Advanced I. Also prepare: an Andersen Technical Etude of your choice (Opus 63), all Natural Minor Scales (2 & 3 octaves), and all types of 7ths arpeggios (MM, Mm, mm, 1/2 dim & fully dim).